MINHERZBUILT BF Gears Xfwd Car K20 8.0 Pass on BF Gears Usa Hd Set

GREENGO Tuned XFWD 8.1 Pass K24 BF Gears Usa 1-4Hd Set

Minh Peoples B Series 6270 with BF Gears Usa HD Dog Box

Toyonda K20 Turbo Mr2 Wheelie 8.3 pass on BF Gears Usa HD Dog Box!

BF Gears Usa HD Replacement Dog System

K Series Helical Synchro Gear set

Why its a must to check gearsets in a window case!

Must shave reverse fork to clear all 1st gears on all k series mainshafts.

Nitro vs The World Turbo car, equipped with K HD Dog Box.

Nitro Vs The World Testing